Google News

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The google news design was part of a personal project, with an overall aim to look into and develop skills in tablet application design. All content itself is based on the current google news page. With sections of content removed for the app design itself.

As it stands the current google news site has a layout and design that doesn't really sit well with the content it contains, almost overwhelming the viewer with content. The key aim therefore, when re-designing the web page, was to lay out content in a manner consistent with the current design, yet much easier to navigate and read.

The app design was created to sit along side the website, creating a consistent brand throughout all google news related media. The overall design style remained consistent, but the layout was created with ease of browsing on a tablet device in mind. Allowing for larger buttons and a more direct view of the headlines rather than any further textual information.

The logo was a quick design to work with the minimal style of the site and app, whilst also taking on board the design style used for current google mobile based products, such as the google play store on android, or google books.